At JDC Demolition Company Inc., our employees are our most valuable assets. We are fully dedicated to protecting the safety and health of all our employees. In all endeavors, safety is a top priority of the company's business and is valued as highly as quality and productivity. Safeguarding the well-being of our worker and the public is our top priority.

By establishing a culture of safety awareness among all our employees’ hazards are identified and eliminated before they become an issue. All employees share the responsibilities of the safety team by following safe practices, on and off the job, and assisting their fellow employees in promoting safety and good health practices.

Every person on our demolition sites share equally the responsibility to maintain a safe working environment. Foremen and superintendents are directly accountable to management for the crew’s safety. Taking corrective action on safety hazards is appreciated and encouraged at all levels of employment.

Our team of well-trained safety managers enforce OSHA compliancy on every job from start to finish. Our commitment to safety has resulted in some years not sustaining a single ‘lost-time’ incident.

JDC Demolition Company Inc. has solely maintained an EMR of 1.0 or under since inception.

Striving to meet the goals of accident prevention and risk management will always be a top priority of JDC Demolition Company Inc. The benefits of working toward these goals will be reflected upon our organization, our clients and, most importantly, the health and safety of our employees.