Concord Carisle High School

Client: Turner Construction and Town of Concord, MA
Status: Completed
Location: Concord, MA

JDC was contracted to perform all structural demolition and ACM/misc. hazardous materials abatement of the entire Concord-Carlisle Regional HS complex, which totaled over 275,000 SF of building demolition. Challenges associated with the demolition operations for this project included the fast-paced schedule to which this large HS complex was required to be demolished/removed to facilitate the large site/utility infrastructure package for the same area, which had to be completed prior to the end of 2015; demolition/abatement operations taking place as little as 15’ from the occupied new High School complex; demolishing the massive sub-grade mechanical tunnel system which was situated beneath much of the former complex; completing the project on schedule, although large quantities of additional ACMs were encountered.