Salem Harbor Power Station

Client: Footprint Power
Status: Completed
Value: $10M or more
Location: Salem, MA

JDC decommissioned, decontaminated and demolished the former Salem Harbor Power Plant. The major components of the contract consist of the following tasks:

  • Design-Build and Installed 2,500 LF of sound wall.
  • Demolition and removal of 11 existing above ground oil storage tanks complete with spill walls.
  • Design/build and install temporary electrical and water supplies throughout the plant for abatement and remediation prior to structural demolition.
  • Relocation and reuse of a 4000 AMP transformer.
  • Dewatering and treatment of over 7-million gallons of water.
  • ACM abatement, oil remediation and removal of 4 miles of steam and oil lines.
  • The systematic rigging removal and exterior ACM abatement of the 7 span 170 ft. tall by 710 ft. long coal conveyor system. This involved critical picks involving two cranes a Manitowoc 999 and 2250 working simultaneously, lowering each span weighing between 65 and 105 tons each.
  • Demolition of 4 electrostatic precipitator structures.
  • Complete abatement and demolition of the power house including four boilers, four turbines, administration building and screen house.
  • The abatement and demolition of the 300 ft. tall Stack 3 the 512 ft. tall Stack 4 and 450 ft. tall Stack 5
  • Crushing of all onsite masonry/concrete debris. The abatement and demolition of the 200 ft. tall main building constructed in the mid-1900’s.
  • Re-purposed 3,000 tons of coal fly ash.
  • Removal of (3) ash settlement ponds.