1600 Osgood Street

Client: Whiting Turner Contracting Company and Hillwood Investment Properties
Status: Current
Value: $10M to $15M
Location: North Andover, MA

JDC was hired by the Whiting-Turner Contracting Company and Hillwood Investment Properties to perform the demolition of a 1,800,000 Square Foot Former Lucent Technologies Manufacturing and Research Site in preparation for the construction of a 4 Million Square Foot major distribution facility.  JDC’s scope of work including the following:

    *  Asbestos abatement of 30 plus structures including abatement of over 1 million SF of asbestos containing floor tile, boilers, ductwork, and roofing materials.

    *  Provided temporary generator power to complete this scope of work.

    *  Provide permitting for each structure scheduled for demolition.

    *  Separation of over 500 LF of structure of the an existing warehouse building from an exiting office building which remained active throughout the entire scope of work.  This scope included providing temporary partitions in all existing hallways set to remain.

    *  Hazardous material remediation including removal and disposal of over 100,000 gallons of chilled water.

    *  Collection of all regulated building materials.

    *  Complete demolition of over 1.8 million SF of steel and concrete framed structures including warehouse, power plant, 200 +/- FT tall chimney, incinerator structure, water treatment buildings, chillers, tanks, and office buildings.

    *  Complete interior gut demolition of a 100,000 SF area within the active office building which included removal of mechanical systems, all finishes, and building façade.

    *  Removal of deep foundation systems within the power plant and wastewater treatment structures.

    *  Designed, installed, and implemented a de-watering and treatment system required to remove deep foundation systems.

Due to the very aggressive schedule requirements for the project’s future tenant, JDC worked extended hours and weekends in order to complete this project on the targeted date.  Major challenges to this project included coordinating proper shutdowns of utilities so that the active office building’s systems remained uninterrupted during the dismantling process, coordination with the general contractor to phase building demolition so that building pad contraction can be sequenced and install simultaneous to building demolition, and working in New England’s harsh winter conditions.