The Vale

Client: Erland Construction Inc.
Status: Current
Value: $1M - $5M
Location: Woburn, MA

Contracted by Erland Construction and Leggett McCall Properties, JDC was responsible for the complete demolition of the former Kraft Foods Facility which manufactured gelatin in time’s past.  Major work for this contract included the following:

    *  Asbestos and hazardous materials abatement which included 10,000 SF of asbestos transite siding, abatement of boiler buildings, and abatement of asbestos containing materials throughout the 800,000 SF facility.

    *  Installation and monitoring of erosion controls.

    *  Installation of waterway protection as the building had an active stream that bisected the structures.

    *  Complete demolition of the 800,000 SF facility including Power Plant with 3-chimnesy, demolition of manufacturing areas, and complete demolition of administration offices.

    *  Removal and processing of all building slabs, concrete tanks, and foundations.

    *  Processing and crushing of over 100,000 tons of concrete and masonry.

    *  Reclamation and stockpiling of asphalt parking areas.

    *  Removal and disposal of underground utility systems.