Avalon Norwood

Client: Avalon Bay Communities
Status: Completed
Value: $1M - $5M
Location: Norwood, MA

JDC was contracted by Avalon Bay Communities to perform the demolition of the former Plimpton Press Buildings in Norwood, Massachusetts to make way for a new condominium complex. The scope of work consisted of the complete demolition of 365,000 SF of mixed steel, brick and wood mill and warehouse buildings.   Challenges to this project including dismantling the 8 story wood framed mill structure with a high reach demolition excavator within feet of an active Commuter Rail Train Track and within feet of an existing heavily trafficked intersection. 
JDC successfully recycled more than 98% of building materials due to the salvage and resale of reusable wood timers and steel framing that were generated from the building demolition scope on this project.  JDC processed and crushed all clean masonry and concrete generated from the demolition for reuse as backfill materials as part of the redevelopment of the property.