Harvard Business School Commons-Burden Hall

Client: Consigli Construction Company
Status: Current
Value: $1M - $5M
Location: Allston, MA

Burden Hall was a former 30,000 SF steel framed and brick lecture hall located in the heart of the Harvard Business School Campus.  JDC was hired by Consigli Construction company to execute the abatement of all hazardous building materials, complete demolition of the structure, restoration of the site restoration upon completion of the demolition.  
The first phase of this scope of work included installation of large dance floor staging within the interior of the lecture hall for access of asbestos containing spray on fireproofing above the 35’ tall ceilings.  The second stage of work consisted of the abatement of all remaining asbestos containing materials which largely consisted of asbestos spray-on fireproofing located on a structural members of the building including interior CMU walls.  The next phase of work consisted of the remediation of remaining asbestos containing materials and remediation of PCB containing building caulking and exterior brick.
The fourth phase of this project consisted of the complete demolition of the existing building including bulk removal of the exterior brick walls as an asbestos containing building material under a non-traditional work plan with the MA DEP, installation of engineered de-watering and water treatment systems as required for foundation removal, maintence of groundwater, and removal of select foundation systems.
The final stage of this project consisted of the import of 15,000 CY of structural fill to bring the existing site back to grade.  This material was imported impacted and compacted in 12” lifts so that the site could be reused for future amenities.