Somerville High School

Client: Suffolk Construction
Status: Current
Value: $5M - $10M
Location: Somerville, MA

JDC was contracted by Suffolk Construction to be part of the team to assist in the reconstruction of the Somerville High School.  JDC’s scope of work includes a 3-phase, 3-year project which includes asbestos abatement, hazardous materials removal, selective building demolition, and complete building demolition all performed within an active school site.

 JDC worked closely with Suffolk Construction with scheduling, sequencing, and timing during each element of demolition and hazardous and asbestos abatement. JDC strategically planned each phase of the process to enable effective and timely work while minimizing regular facility interference.

Other notable scope of work for this project included removal of 100’ existing chimney adjacent to the new school to be constructed, interior demolition of library and gymnasium structures, complete demolition of boiler house, and complete demolition of the 1930’s brick and wood famed classroom wings.