Services We Provide


JDC Demolition Company Inc. offers a comprehensive range of environmental services. We are staffed and equipped to remove contaminant of lead, oils and hydrocarbons, asbestos, metals and PCBs in building components soil, ground water, sediment and surface water. We also offer a complete line of soil testing, groundwater testing, and site testing services in building components. This process is often referred to as stabilization and solidification. JDC Demolition Company Inc. has certified staff in-house to submit and execute complete ACM work-plan designs. A typical plan consists of a summary, site preparation, removal and disposal, air monitoring and clean-up procedures.


Using specialized state of the art equipment JDC Demolition’s skilled workforce and delivers the finest in safe and cost-effective structural demolition services for buildings and structures in all sectors including industrial, academic, commercial, healthcare, and power generation. Structural demolition is the act of dismantling a building or structure into its most basic materials or parts. Our performance in the New England area has earned us the confidence of our clients throughout the region. JDC Demolition’s modern fleet of demolition equipment is backed by the J. Derenzo family of companies with a fleet of over 1000 additional pieces at the ready. A centrally located repair and storage facility with our own fleet of heavy haulers allows efficient deployment and movement of equipment to address any situation a given project might require.


JDC Demolition Company Inc. often works with the general contractor, developer and the project’s owner to prepare the completed demolition site for reuse and new construction. The intent is to work with the project’s owner to help deliver a satisfactory project that meets the owner’s objectives and budget. In addition to estimating, the pre-construction team participates in design decisions, environmental assessments, evaluations, studies, value engineering, value analysis, scheduling, constructability reviews, and more. In delivering pre-construction services. JDC Demolition Company Inc. is capable of providing the process through the transition to the next phase.


JDC Demolition Company Inc.’s expert staff of environmental engineers offers varied backgrounds including waste management and permitting, civil engineering, laboratory analysis, site remediation, and regulatory compliance. The company provides asbestos abatement, environmental remediation, and other self-performed services including facility decontamination and underground storage tank removal.


JDC Demolition Company Inc.’s employs a specialized asset and salvage recovery specialist with over 40 years’ experience in the field. His knowledge of assets that bring the highest resale value benefit selective markets by recycling, reintegrating and reusing ready to use manufactured assets.

JDC‘s employees use specialized heavy equipment to reduce disposal costs and increase salvage revenue through the recycling of construction and demolition debris. JDC processes over 40,000 tons of ferrous and 8,000 of non-ferrous scrap per year out of an East Coast oceanside scrap recycling facilitiy. JDC utilizes an established network of used equipment dealers as well as an extensive industrial customer base to maximize salvage equipment sales. JDC works with local rigging and transportation services for the removal and delivery of salvaged equipment.

JDC has performed the abatement and demolition of such major industrial projects that have involved the selective removal of retired assets for the purpose of recycling, retooling, upgrading, or converting systems, worldwide. In addition, certain concrete, historic brick + block, heavy timbers, etc. may be reused and/or repurposed into the commercial building market.

JDC’s engineering and estimating staff provides diverse backgrounds and industry-specific knowledge to design geared towards customer needs. JDC performs extensive project assessment and planning to develop contract terms and specifications which address requirements of each project.

It is JDC Demolition Company Inc.’s purpose to recycle, reuse and repurpose as much material as possible, in effort to reduce the balance of materials disposed in landfills.


JDC Demolition Company Inc. is a leader in selective demolition services in the New England area. Selective or interior demolition serves to prepare structures for renovation. Renovation and rehabilitation projects involving the removal of interior walls and finishes often encounter asbestos and lead containing materials. JDC is capable of handling both abatement and demolition to minimize both schedule and cost. We have performed selective demolition in vacant and occupied properties including medical, commercial and industrial facilities. JDC Demolition Company Inc. provides selective demolition services from precision removal of building components to complete building strip-outs. JDC Demolition specializes in selective demolition in and around live sensitive operations, without disruption to surrounding activities.